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Rahul Maurya
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Meet the poet Rahul Maurya , a 3rd year MBBS Medico student. His passion is writing, he has started writing from class 9th. He has started posting on Instagram from January 2020, He loves to writing on every topic, he is found of 4 liners.

The journey of writing when he started it’s hard for him to continue, there is no any person who can support him, Many times he thought of leaving the idea of posting, But still he had a hope that one day he could be big poet.

He followed his passion with his all efforts and now he has follower of 11k. He is part of Indian writing association, He has performed on stage at various occasions, And going ahead in writing currently he is writing a book. Rahul Maurya is combination of poet and medico, he is inspiration of many people for following there passion.

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