Untold Life Story of “Sarker Tanvir Ahmed” The Diana Award Winner for Inspiring Youths

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An emerging Bangladeshi Young Change Maker Sarker Tanvir Ahmed has taken position internationally. The Diana Award is given to inspire young people in memory of the “Princess Diana” of British Royal Family. His recent achievements have made it possible to be proudly represented internationally during the COVID pandemic. Mr. Ahmed also received an official pass from the UN at the OHCHR’s inter sessional meeting in Geneva-2021. The person holding the helm of success is Sarkar Tanvir Ahmed.

Mr. Ahmed spent his childhood in the Joypurhat Sugar Mill residents. After getting college level education, he moved to Rajshahi (The City of Education) for the purpose of higher education. There he completed Honors and Master’s degrees in Economics from Varendra University. While studying at the university, the famous Economist of Bangladesh, Prof. Dr. Tariq Saiful Islam may have seen the immense potential in him and said, “Tanvir, you are a trouble shooter”. While studying in class 6, he got the first certificate of life by being a runner-up in the inter-Sugar Mills national debate. Not only is that he also a Referee of Bangladesh Football Federation.
Perhaps no one thought that the child of everyone’s affection would one day introduce Bangladesh to the international arena with pride.

The Beginning of the Path:
The day of 1st July, 2016 was Friday, the time was 8:45 pm. suddenly he saw the news of the militant attack on the Holy Artizan restaurant on television. All the 5 militants involved in the brutal killing are young and students of private universities. There were sarcastic remarks about private universities across the country. As this incident touched his heart and decided to respond to the negative comments about the private university by social actions. In 1970’s the first Parliamentary Election of Pakistan, the historical victory of Bangabandhu( Bangladesh Founding Father) as head of the state of Pakistan (East & West) inspired him to take decision and in 2018 he established a learning based youth leadership platform named “Youth Parliament”.
Sarker Tanvir Ahmed’s global contribution to the youth in the dream journey will inspire the youth of Bangladesh. He is hopeful in the long run to enrich the civic consciousness of the youth forces. Tanvir Ahmed is trying his best to show the Bangladeshi youth potentials to the world. Today’s ideal future generation will lead the country in the National Assembly. We have to make the youth interested in the practice of parliamentary system, constitution and democracy from a young age. Tanvir Ahmed is working to develop leadership through symbolic parliamentary practice to keep the youth away from conflict, militancy, drugs and anti-national activities. He believes that if the youth are enriched with moral and civic values, they will refrain from militancy. In particular, the youth of South Asian 8 countries and D-8 countries are involved in various activities. It has also provided opportunities for women leadership development through the formation of the Youth Parliament Women Hub. His noble journey with great purpose is now proudly introducing Bangladesh in the international arena.


As a beacon for the youth, he is igniting the hidden dreams of countless young people. This emerging youth achieved various honors in recognition of his work at different times. In addition to The Diana Award, he has received the Central Khalaghor Ashor Award presented by His Excellency the President of Bangladesh, Mr. Abdul Hamid, Speaking at the 3rd International Youth Summit-2021 as one of the 24 personalities including former Presidents, Prime Ministers and UN officials, Winner of the National Best Youth Tree Planting in 2019, Sri Lanka’s SUNFO Global Award-2021. Also got certificate as UN World Environment Day Hero and selected for the Global Peace Medal in 2019 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Government of the Maldives, The National Hero Award- 2022 and so on. He thinks that being able to represent Bangladesh is the most proud thing that no one can give an award. The Princess Diana Award has made him more responsible than ever.

Future Plans:
Sarker Tanvir Ahmed’s said that “Youth Parliaments are practiced in the main parliaments of different countries of the world”. His dream that ” The Youth Parliament will be held in the session room of the Bangladesh Parliament House”. The Youth Parliament is a manifestation of Bangladesh’s potential in enhancing the image of the country through youth leadership and commitment to social responsibility. As part of future plans, recommendations to IPU (Inter Parliamentary Union) at the 3rd International Youth Summit for Peace arisen by him. Recommendations include; 1) to support all the youth parliaments of the world, to provide opportunities to visit the parliaments of different countries for inspiring youths in democracy practice, 2) to ensure the participation of future youth in Parliament and 3) to give youth awards from IPU (Inter Parliamentary Union).
The Youth Parliament is upholding the image of Bangladesh with its commitment to create youth leadership and social responsibility. Sarker Tanvir’s global contribution engaging with youth’s in the dream journey, will inspire the youth leaders and take Bangladesh in a higher position.

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