Untold Life Story of Hima Deka a Feather Artist

Hima Deka,
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Meet Hima Deka, she is 23 years old student of Post Graduation at Gauhati University.She started learning painting when she was 5 years old she found herself deeply into the field when she was in 7th standard (12 years old).

In her life, two things have always inspired her alot. Her mother and Nature her mother introduced her to the artistic world and taught her what hardworking is and the Nature which teached her the importance of observing things from the depth. At one point of her life, she was curious to make big paintings, Being failed to buy them, she used to make by herself using covers of practical notebooks, cardboards and newspapers, by layering them with tissue paper. When it dried, she made a collage painting of legendary Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. In this way she made first big paintings of her life.

She believes that everyone is unique and has their own way of observation and learning, and can throw themselves completely into their works. The turning point of her life when one day, she is out of her curiosity to do something different, she challenged herself to push her boundaries, which enabled her discovering skills on feathers of 5 to 8 cm carved out in her paintings.The amount of patience, observation, hardwork and potential, that she has pursued so far have all carved out of her paintings.

Her first trials of feather paintings were the portraits of Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan which were so much loved and highly appreciated by the people. Now people across the country, place their orders, especially for feather paintings. She wants to give people everything she has learned and to contribute something to the society for the good.There’s miles to achieve!!

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