Untold Life Story of Suramsampath Kumar, Youngest Indian who holds 3 International and 1 National  Records

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Meet Mr. Suramsampath kumar, the youngest Indian who holds 3 International and 1 National  Records in the field of Art.

Suramsampath Kumar was born on sunday, January 25, 2004 in Telangana, India. He did his schooling at  Nalanda grammer hight school, Ziyaguda. He pursued his BFA from Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University  in Hyderabad, Telangana

His father’s name is Mr. Suram Babu, and his mother’s name is Mrs.  Suram Saritha. He has a Younger brother and  siter  named Suram Sumanth and  Meghana.

He  also wrok for Sqaure BPO Services which is  realted with health insurance compnay

Artistic Journey and Records
The Story Begins with 8th class. When I was in school for the first time, I made holes in Chalk with Campass & on the next day, I made two holes in Chalks. The next task was that I should make the whole on Chalk, and Chalk should be Brock, and next I tried the same thing on pencil.

I don’t even know what type of tools I should use. I use to make it with a shaving blade. My Fingers use to Cut at the same I finished my schooling in 2019. When I was in intermediate, I got to know The Micro Arts Should Be Done With surgical blade, & Daily maximum I use to spend 2 hrs on Making Micro Arts.

I Achieved My 1st record on 28th of July 2020 by making the India Flag on 0.5mm lead. And, the 2nd record on 7th of September 2022 I made Amar Jawan Jyoti on 0.5mm lead. and my 3rd record was Bravo international record on 27th August 2021 I made A to Z alphabet on 0.5 mm lead. And I Got recognition From Google as the Ultimate Expect In Micro Arts, and Recently I Got the 4th record From Tamil Nādu DCB world record for making Shri Ayodhya Ram Mandir with Chalks, and Our Project Is Yadagarigutta Temple. Telangana, India.

The only aim I have Is I should make All The famous Temple All Over the India & l’ll be should reach them. L’ll submit the Project.

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