Pt. Puneet Rajesh Sharma: A Visionary in Predicting the Futures of Others

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State:Uttar Pradesh

Profession : Astrologer

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Since childhood days, spiritualism is in my blood & veins and has got the same environment of daily prayer & worshipping from my family as well. As a child, I used to be an introvert person with many questions in my mind about the purpose of human life, why are we here, what is the motto of a successful life, who are the persons we are associated with, etc. Out of sheer curiosity, have started searching for the answers and concluded that different lives have different purposes due to their destiny & fate. This comes from the karmic effect from the past life on the present life, Kundli, Mindset and Vaastu. Now coming back to my earlier life, I have done my schooling from an English medium school and in terms of academics, I hold a Masters in Business Administration degree. I have started my career in the corporate world with Learning & Development Management Professional. During the course of time, I came to the realization that, it’s time to give life a purpose and acquired a professional degree in the field of Numerology and Vaastu-Shastra.

My sheer devotion is towards My LORD MAHADEVA & with HIS blessings, I am in this role for about 11 years as of now and holds a Masters degree in Numerology and a Masters degree in Vaastu-Shashtra, respectively. I have acquired learning in this field from Udaipur and Mumbai. Till now, I have done 6000+ Numerology and Vaastu-Shastra analysis collectively. Presently, I am honoured to have clients from across India, UK, USA, Dubai & various other countries and making positive changes in the lives of people. My consultations are majorly based on the four pillars of life: Health, Wealth, Career and Relationship. The people can get the answers to their questions related to job, business, love, marriage, study, partnerships, name numerology analysis, house number, vehicle number, office number, shop number and mobile number. Believe or, not, the numbers play a great role in the life. As an Astro-Numerologist and Vaastu-Shastra Consultant, it is my passion to help people with solutions and not creating scary situations for them, because people come for a solution and not getting into another problem or, getting scared. Numerology and Vaastu-Shastra are ancient sciences about which mostly common person are not aware and because of this unawareness, they are stuck to the problems and struggles in their lives.

My job as an Astro-Numerologist and Vaastu-Shastra Consultant is to help other people understand themselves more clearly and what wonders the Universe is having in their destiny. There are majorly two aspects in a person’s life: Fate and Freewill. As the birth-date suggests and strongly guides us that we come into this world with certain characters on the stage poised to live out a complex drama as the process of our life unfolds from birth to death.
Here is the role of an expert arises who acts as a mentor and shows you the right path to succeed in various disciplines of life, like health, career, wealth, love, marriage, relationships, job, business, etc.
These sciences are very popular among the classes, not masses.
Celebrities from Bollywood, Cricket, Politics, etc. are ardent believers of Numerology and Vaastu-Shastra.
Your Date of Birth and Your House/ Office is unfolding many facts & figures and working on them can create wonders for you.

My motto in life is to serve the mankind with the blessings of LORD SHIVA and help the people to achieve the truth behind their destiny. Accordingly, the person can shape his/ her present & future and will get happiness in & around.

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