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State:Uttar Pradesh

Profession : Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Teacher

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 If you are a defence aspirant, you must have come across a man with a dynamic, inspiring magnetic personality who has helped thousands of people to unlock their full potential. Yes, You are right. We are talking about Shishir Dixit . For the last 10+ years, he has been motivating and empowering students to make their career in defence as an officer. The stories of selections and success of students from Centurion Defence Academy are a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief of Mr. Shishir Dixit. As a sought-after speaker, air veteran, writer, columnist, and educator, he has a unique ability to connect with audiences on a deep and personal level, inspiring them to reach new heights of success and fulfillment. Let us know more details about Mr. Shishir Dixit

Shishir Dixit is a prolific writer, renowned columnist, motivational speaker, educator, and air veteran. Born in the Raebareli District of Uttar Pradesh in 1990. Shishir Dixit Sir has dedicated his life to inspiring and empowering others to reach their full potential through establishing and successfully running Centurion Education Private Ltd (Popularly Known as Centurion Defence Academy).  Shishir’s dedication to empowering others has earned him numerous accolades and awards, including The Real Heroes Award, Pradesh Ke Stambh Award, and Red Achievers Award. He continues to inspire and motivate others through his writing, speaking engagements, and charitable work.

His Personal Life and Education
Shishir was born to Dinesh Kumar Dixit and Sharda Dixit, and he is married to Mrs. Gurkirat Kaur, and they have a son named Shashank Shekhar Dixit. In his free time, Shishir enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading books, improving his physical fitness, and doing social work. Shishir Dixit is famous as a ‘Rockstar’ Interviewer among students. His students adore him for his personalized guidance and for always being available in every hour of need.
Shishir Dixit has completed his B.A L.L.B from Dibrugarh University where excelled in the field of law. After developing an interest in Psychology, Shishir Dixit pursued M.Phil in Psychology from IGNOU and currently, he is doing research in Psychology as a part of his Ph.D. Degree in Psychology (R.C.S. Approved). 

Mr. Shishir Dixit  As an Educator
Shishir’s dedication to education led him to found Centurion Education Private Limited, a premier institute that trains students for defence exams. The institute is known for its comprehensive, personalized and holistic approach to learning, and has helped thousands of students across India achieve their dream of serving in the defence forces in the officers cadre. Under Shishir’s leadership, Centurion Education has become a leading institution in the field of defence exam preparation in India offering a range of courses and programs designed to meet the needs of students across all backgrounds. He has helped students through students from across all backgrounds through his flagship scholarship scheme 

Mr. Shishir Dixit As a Psychology Expert
In addition to his work as an educator, motivational speaker, and writer, Shishir Dixit is also a renowned psychology expert, known for his ability to identify personalities and help students prepare for psychology tests in the SSB Interview. Through his years of experience working with students and conducting mock interviews, Shishir has developed a deep understanding of human behavior and personality traits. He has honed his skills in identifying key personality traits and helping students recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. You can access some of his psychology sessions and mock interviews below.

Mr. Shishir Dixit As a Motivational Speaker
Shishir Dixit Sir is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, known for his ability to inspire and motivate students to achieve their full potential. He has delivered lectures at numerous events and platforms, including Josh Talks, where his talks have been viewed and appreciated by thousands of people. Shishir Dixit ‘s commitment to motivating students extends beyond his public speaking engagements. He actively engages with students on social media, responding to their queries and concerns, and providing them with the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Mr. Shishir Dixit As a Writer and  Columnist
Shishir Dixit is a prolific writer and columnist who has made significant contributions to making people aware about defence exams through his articles. He is a regular contributor to leading newspapers such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, and Dainik Jagran, where he writes about a range of topics related to defence exams, education, and career development. Through his writing, Shishir Dixit has helped to raise awareness about the importance of defence exams and the opportunities they provide for young people in India. He has also offered practical advice and guidance to students, helping them to navigate the often-challenging path to success. 

You can access some of his prolific articles published in leading newspapers here:

Mr. Shishir Dixit’s Fame and Popularity
Shishir Dixit is known for running the leading defence coaching Institute of Indian Centurion Education Private Limited, which is known for its high success rate in defence exams of officer cadre. The institute is widely regarded as one of the best in the country for defence exam preparation. Shishir Dixit is also known for his social work where he has helped thousands of defence aspirants across all socio-economic and marginalized backgrounds.

Mr. Shishir Dixit at Josh Talks: 

Mr. Shishir Dixit , Education, Age, Wife, and Popularity

Full Name Shishir Rameshwar Dixit
Profession Educator, Psychology Expert, Writer, and Motivational Speaker
Age 33 Years
Date of Birth 12-05-1990
Religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Mother Tongue Hindi
Residence Lucknow
Father Dinesh Kumar Dixit
Mother Sharda Dixit
Wife Mrs. Gurkirat Kaur
Children Shashank Shekhar Dixit
Alma Mater
  • Lucknow University
    Dibrugarh, Universit
  • B.A. L.L.B. from Dibrugarh University
  • M. Phil in Psychology from IGNOU
  • Pursuing Ph.D. in Psychology (R.C.I. Approved)
Interests Basketball, Defence and Security Issues, Geopolitics, and International Relations
Known For Giving the highest selections in all defence exams, Social Work and
Trending For Establishing and Leading One of India’s most successful defence education center, Delivering the Highest Selections in all Defence Exams in Officer Cadre, Motivational Speaker
Hobbies Reading, Cricket, Physical Fitness



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