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State:Uttar Pradesh

Profession : Social Worker

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The untold life story of Mission NGO begins in 2014 when four dedicated individuals named Pranveer, Chakrpani, Aman, and Nagendra came together with a shared vision of helping everyone, everywhere. They believed that no matter the organization, help should be extended to anyone in need, without any conditions or expectations.

With this noble aim in mind, Mission NGO was founded. It was a unique organization that focused on selfless service and the unity of all societies, religions, and communities. They believed that by coming together and working as one, they could make a significant impact and uphold the dignity and respect of every individual.

Mission NGO started its work in seven different neighborhoods: Kakadev, Ramadevi, Rajapurwa, Ranighat, Naveen Nagar, and other areas. Every Sunday for the past four years, from 10 am to 2 pm, they conducted free classes and awareness campaigns to empower the youth and educate the community. The organization grew, and nearly 70 young individuals joined their team, all driven by a spirit of service and compassion.

What set Mission NGO apart was their commitment to working collaboratively with other organizations, regardless of their size, background, or resources. They believed in leveraging the expertise and experience of various institutions, creating a unified force capable of addressing any issue in any field. Their dedication led to successful awareness campaigns in more than 22 polluted neighborhoods and continuous education programs in the seven neighborhoods they started with.

Mission NGO had a motto: “Donate not money but labor; respect all religions.” They emphasized the importance of active participation and involvement from the public in their service initiatives. They didn’t rely on posters, banners, or the names of individuals or positions to make a difference. Instead, they focused on consistent and uninterrupted service.

The organization’s impact expanded as they integrated multiple institutions across different sectors, working selflessly to establish a benchmark for collaborative and selfless service. Mission NGO was a unique organization that did not accept any donations, whether private or public. They believed that service should be done not only by themselves but also by inspiring others and ensuring the participation of every individual in good deeds, regardless of their organizational or personal affiliations.

Mission NGO believed that true development could only be achieved when society came together without any discrimination or bias. They encouraged the development of skills and the establishment of self-employment schemes, aiming to provide employment opportunities for 2 to 5 lakh needy individuals every six months.

As the organization’s initiatives gained traction and became a reality, people were amazed at the progress the country was making. They witnessed the eradication of poverty, active participation in service work, and the development of a crime-free society. Mission NGO strived to create a beautiful and pollution-free environment, where everyone had access to a decent livelihood and peace of mind.

Mission NGO recognized that true success could only be achieved through community participation, collaboration, and hard work. They believed in uprooting poverty and serving the underprivileged. They envisioned a society where the next generation grew up in a crime-free environment, surrounded by lush greenery and a pollution-free atmosphere, with a stable and satisfying income for all.

The untold life story of Mission NGO serves as an inspiration for all. It reminds us that without the active involvement and participation of individuals, society cannot progress. Their work has touched the lives of thousands, and their message of unity and selfless service continues to resonate with people across the country. Mission NGO stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the potential for positive change when people come together for a common cause.

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