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Santosh Bhanu Kumar Mande
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State:Andhra Pradesh

Profession : Artist, Technologist

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My name is Mande Santosh Bhanu Kumar, but people call me Santosh Stark. I grew up in Visakhapatnam, and I am the eldest among three brothers. My father name Satyanarayana and he is a civil employee in the Indian Navy, and mother is Maheswari, she is a homemaker.

In every part of life, some things grab our attention.
Different things in life can influence you, and when I was 14, I would rush home from school and watch a cartoon called Dexter’s Laboratory, which inspired me to make some toys with the junk around. When I reached high school, my interest in science grew through many different projects I then choose to continue to study in the field of mechanical engineering at college. I can say this is a crucial phase of my life; in the second year of engineering, I attended a Tech fest. The competition required students to create a robot that would cross hurdles on a track and reach the finish line. It was at that time the toymaker inside me had woke up and planned to make a toy car into a mechanical walking robot by converting its wheels into legs. I was creatively inspired to transform a toy car into a robotic walking creature

After a few days of research and implementation, finally, I came out with a robot. Even though people around me are excited, I am so nervous about presenting it because it was my first robot and am not confident that it would work, but Everyone around me started taking pictures of the spider design and started asking questions about it. This gave me the motivation to improve my skills. The natural world around me began to inspire me to design and invent more model robots.

I have started designing some more models
But Robotics arm one and many more, you can find at www.mechabots.blogspot.com As a final year project, I decided to execute my spy robot, but my college rejected my idea, but I decided not to give up, so I have designed a “spy robot” for a friend who gave me a chance to work behalf of him, and we named it “crawbot,” and we dedicated it to Indian Army at that time it became famous and newspapers wrote an article about it. From then, so many people started inviting me to their fest and workshops.
Even though I am a b.tech graduate, I use to handle m.techprojects, and some use to include my name in their published journals.

Paralleled once I have gone to a movie called “makhe” with my friends Everyone is busy watching actress and actor, but I was stuck in the art which the actress does in it. She did some art on a pencil… After going home, I have decided to make an art My right brain started working…
Though my mind is filled with technical stuff, I have to make the art that attracted me that morning.Finally, I have decided to make a micro art on pencil lead, So I took out a pencil and a blade Started chopping off the wood on the pencil. I have tried chopping again and again, after wasting 4 to 6 pencils I got an idea to redesign the sharpener so that I can get the desired result. So I took a sharpener and sliced its one end so the pencil lead can pass through, and the diameter of the tip can fit.

So I was succeeded in chopping the wood around the graphite…
But don’t know what to carve as a beginner, tried to carve the letter “S” To take out the curve shape of “S” I have tried many times, but I found my hand is shivering, so I stopped taking my breathe while carving. At last, after trying 80+ times, I have succeeded in carving the letter “S”

This is a moment where I decided I can go beyond, and my levels of confidence became strong after breaking more than 100 pencils Then I started doing many arts in every possible way I can
I have never expected anyone to pull me into a spotlight. So I used to make for my self-happiness and passion towards my art. Along with my arts, I added my photography skills and craft works which made them look even more lovable

Many newspapers published articles on my arts,
I launched a website so that they can view my arts, So here comes “SANART” santhosh+art Slowly it became popular that people started calling micro art as sanart Meanwhile, Google made it much more vibrant with lots of good reviews on google

News articles
The Hindu

In between, I must handle robotics workshops, projects, and micro art commission works. I have started working with a company as an automation engineer, and my scope of work is to design “SPM” special purpose machines for diff kinds of industries, and I love the result.

I never thought of doing arts for the sake of business, but I always wanted to expand my craft. In this process, top gift dealers contacted me to supply my arts to them. Initially, I started with five companies. Now it crossed ten plus all-around India< started getting phone calls from gift dealers in India for micro arts. now the number increased to 10 plus gift dealers are taking my art, and here are the gift shops whom I use to supply my arts; gift basket, surprise Vizag, gifts, and gallery, plan it, mera gifts, gifting nation, Darling paradise and more

So from then on, the workload increased because I have to handle my job, m.tech, micro arts, Without avoiding anything, I use to handle it. “every art is handcrafted with love.” After going through my work, I got a chance to share my story on the TEDx stage. 

Everyone was amazed at my work and got India book of records for carving miniature Charminar on the pencil lead. I am pursuing my master’s in engineering project management in the USA, so I am managing to divert all my Sanart art orders to the Indian artists so it will be helpful to many artists.

Recently I started working and thinking about a particular point why can’t I connect micro arts with robotics So now I am going to involve my study of robotics and my handcraft micro arts And make them together as a unique idea which world going to call it as micro-robotics, And my work in on progress.

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