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Iqra rathore
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Profession : Artist

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Meet Iqra rathore, she is 16 years old, she study in class 10th. Since childhood, she has a lot of interest in painting, sketching, and art. she used to make clay pots or faces and play with them.

Gradually, she became more interested in this work. Her family has always supported her in this work Because of which she has always topped the art in school.

This lockdown gave her more time for painting, sketching Due to this, she has made portraits of many politicians and actors. Such as Bahubali, Padmavati etc., and sketch of Ratlam collector, MLA and IPS has been very popular among people.

This news also appeared in the newspaper and was also discussed in social media.And now she has ever made the largest Sketch of APJ Abdul Kalam sir which is (10ft.× 10ft.) Which is very popular on social media. And today her family makes her proud because of her art and her parents are known by her name.😊❤️

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