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Profession : Artist

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Meet Parth J Chauhan, he is a 25-year-old self-taught artist by passion and B.E. Civil Engineer by profession. As a portrait artist, he observes even the minute details of a person’s face as well as character and quickly transforms them to reality on paper or on a canvas.

He was encouraged by his family & friends to paint for a fundraiser & contribute something to the society for the good. Selling creative artwork made with immense hard work and dedication for a noble cause makes him happy and content. With increasing demand for his paintings, he has turned his passion into a venture under the label ‘parthgallery’.

He enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces with his creative artwork. He wants to learn many new things. And with his artwork he wants to make India proud. Parth usually paints portraits of people he admires including politicians, celebrities and other legends.

He has also presented his paintings to his idols as a token of appreciation from his side. This news also appeared in the newspaper and was also discussed in social media. His Art talent got recognized and highlighted when he felicitated EX. CM of Gujarat with there portrait in year 2016 . He always thanks to god for giving him such a talent which is truly out of ordinary.

You can find him on other social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube for his talents and further updates catch his latest drops and upcoming events. Please visit his gallery for more arts on his website “www.parthgallery.com“, you can find some unique arts that he has created in his entire life as an artist.

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