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Anju Tamang
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Meet Anju Tamang born 22 December 1995 is an international football player from Birpara, Sikkim, India. She represents Odisha women’s football team in Indian Women’s Football Championship and Rising Student’s Club in Indian Women’s League. She joined Gokulam Kerala in 2019 for 2018-19 Indian Women’s League.

Anju Tamang was born on 22 December 1995 to Mr. Ram Singh Tamang and Mrs. Kanchi Maya. She is of Sikkimese descent, but represents Odisha at national level. She went for schooling at Alagarah High School, Kalimpong and the Scottish Universities’ Mission Institution (SUMI), Kalimpong. She went on for the higher studies at the University of North Bengal, Siliguri.

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