Untold life Story of Narendra Kumawat

Untold life Story of Narendra Kumawat
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Profession : Artist

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Meet Narendra Kumawat, age 25, from rajasthan. He started painting When he was in class 7-8th, he never join any art classes in his entire life. Mostly he used real gold in painting and may times he woks on aluminum sheet.
He is self taught artist he started drawing portrait kamasutra in 7 class and learning modern art and many creative painting. He started posting his work on social media, taking one step ahead now he started a art gallery in rishikesh uttrakhand with name Narendra art.

His page started growing and he got his first order in march 2017. The order number was increasing continue and he get 300+ order and sale painting in world wide.
Narendra has his own word –

“I am not working for money i am working for make india proud i believe any body can do this If the person have patience

Painting is not hard it must be comes from your heart and mix with your soul. I learned so many things and still learning like my father”.

He is learning himself for professional artist.his father is a famouse artist and he has 40 year experience in art field. Let’s courage Narendra Kumwat to be an professional and creative artist.

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